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About the Artist

Eleanor Schimmel’s encaustic paintings have been featured in major exhibits for over 25 years. She has distinguished herself in the field of encaustic painting with numerous awards and recognition, museum exhibits and public installations.

Her inventive use of this ancient technique of painting with pigmented wax has elicited high praise for her abstract works. Helen A. Harrison of the New York Times notes that “Eleanor Schimmel treats paint as a sculptural medium… [Her works] recall the landscapes of Albert Pinkham Ryder, but without Ryder’s explicit symbolism.” Edward Sosanski of The Philadelphia Inquirer describes Schimmels paintings as “mystical in an archaic way, implying both the enormous vitality of nature and its historical continuity….painted in an atavistic manner that makes it seem like a Neolithic icon.”

Eleanor Schimmel attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and is a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, where she was honored as the 2005 Distinguished Alumna. She resides in Haverford, PA and works at her studio in the Norristown Arts Building in Norristown, PA.